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Course Description

Foundation skills and concepts for the competitive heeling team

The Heeler's Toolbox is a series of classes with a comprehensive curriculum focusing on beginner, intermediate, and advanced obedience skills and techniques essential to any competitive obedience team. This series focuses heavily on both How to teach powerful, precise, and elegant heeling work and Why the itemized skills and concepts are a benefit to any serious competitive partnership.

Intermediate Course Objective:

To break down and explore 'post foundation' heeling skills and concepts that affect precision, attitude, and sustainable performance within competitive heeling teams. Goals of this course are to build off of foundation concepts from HT1 in order to further equip both dog and handler with the necessary physical, mental, and presentation skills to maximize the relationship and heeling experience; and the knowledge and confidence to fluidly implement these skills into their continued heeling program.

Intermediate Course Description:

This is a five week course detailing the evolution of our foundation heeling skills into more advanced precision heeling concepts. Each week will be dedicated to the breakdown, discussion, and application of a different Intermediate skill. Skills covered in the intermediate class include: 'Adding Movement - Critical First Steps', 'Proper Use of Toy Reward', ‘Reward Placement', ‘Bridge Behaviors’, and 'Touch Pads & Placeboards'. Class will be a mix of online peer discussion, written lecture, video lecture, and video homework assignments (students will be required to film their training for some portions of the class). This class is neither graded or pass / fail.

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