Private Dog Training

Private Dog TrainingPrivate Dog Training

A great platform for both human and canine to begin their new journey and education in dogs. Offered in packages or single lessons.

Video Dog TrainingOnline Video Training Courses

Forrest’s online trainings offers a new level of interaction with students. With the advent of the internet, dog training has come further in the past 15 years than it did in the previous 150 years. Online training will never replace hands-on instruction, but it can bridge the gap between a DVD and attending a dog training school or seminar.

Private Dog TrainingWorkshops and Group Dog Training

I have the pleasure of traveling and working with dog owners across the United States and the world. I offer workshops in relationship building and management, competitive obedience, and protection and sport work. It is my great pleasure, and my mission, to travel, teach, and share with others the beautiful (and fun!) world of dog training I've had the joy to benefit from.

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